Dolumar is a PBBG, a persistent browser based game. This means that this is a game that you play within your web browser and it keeps going even when you're not online. The game goes on, even while you're sleeping.

Our aim while developing Dolumar is to create a strategic game that comes as close to the traditional PC games as possible. We have addapted our web technology so that it feels like you are playing a traditional strategy game like Age of Empires, Warcraft and many others.

The game is persistent, which means some actions might take days to complete. Since nobody can be online 24/7, we have tried to find the balance between terribly slow gameplay and I-should-stay-up-24-hours-a-day-to-make-sure-I-win gameplay. That's also why we are planning on launching fast and slow servers; some people simply have more time to play.

The technology we are using is available on all major browsers; even Internet Explorer 6 is supported, with some flaws in the graphics. For perfect gameplay, IE7, Firefox 3 and Chrome are recommended.

Dolumar is also available on Facebook and OpenSocial platforms. A tight integration in both platforms will allow even unexperienced people to start playing browser games, resulting in a bigger interest from the casual players. Spending time on facebook quickly results in spending time on Dolumar.

We are also providing an API that allows other developers to use data from the game inside their own applications / web sites. This way, clans (= a group of players sticking together, helping eachother to get better) can make advanced strategic tools that helps them to fight the enemy better.

Overall, Dolumar is aiming to provide a gameplay that nobody has ever experienced on the world wide web.

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