Dolumar goes 1.1


Good day folks!

Today is a special day for Dolumar. I'm officially announcing the release of Dolumar version 1.1. With this release, we should have taken care of a lot of bugs and we have introduced the Underworld endgame.

So what's new? The servers are reset every 3 months (on speed servers) or every 6 months (on stable servers). The game ends on a big underworld mission where all clans fight for their final place of fame.

Speed server will reset in a few days (after the test endgame is finished) and in about 3 months it's the International server's turn.

We, at CatLab, are very proud to present this product. Over the next few months we will keep fixing bugs and thinking about new features for the next release.

I hope you like our game!

Thijs Van der Schaeghe

Stable server launch


In three and a half hours the new stable server will launch. There have been a lot of changes since the last stable server, including faster build times, faster resource trading and a new communication system. Players that have been idle for 30 days will be "honourable targets" now and we also fixed a whole bunch of bugs.

You will notice that I have changed our authentication system a bit. From now on you will have to login at and go to the gameserver that way.

This launch also means that the current speed server will be shut down in one month. We are currently working hard to prepare a nice little end game for you guys, which will take place in the long awaited underworld.

We are still open to any feedback, so if you want to share your ideas, just go to our forum and tell us what you are thinking about the latest updates.

Have fun playing!

Trunk to speed


Dear players,

I've just pushed the trunk version of the game to speed. (So speed is now running the same version as tests.) There have been quite some changes:


  1. Honour has changed: from now on honour loss is calculated based on the total value of all your villages. This means that outposts are harder to defend now. You have been warned about this upcoming change a few weeks ago, so no crying!
  2. Building costs have increased drastically. Most buildings also have a specific rune now, so there are less buildings where you can choose what rune you want to use.
  3. New communication system! The general chat window now loads automatically and "private messages" has been replaced by "private chat". The clan chat also has a seperate button now, so it doesn't show up in the general chat anymore. You can open the clan chat by hovering over the clan icon.
  4. Some various and rather unnoticeable tweaks.
Please note that the speed up system has not been pushed. We are not sure if we will ever push this feature to speed or stable, but we need this feature for our upcomming french server.

I think that's all. Please let me know as soon as possible should you encounter any bugs or issues. The forum is, as always, the proper place to put your feedback.


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